Announcing General Availability of FSLogix 2105 (2.9.7838.44263)

Published Jul 12 2021 10:59 AM 6,127 Views

Today we are announcing the General Availability of FSLogix 2105. Updates include improvements to login times and the ability to increase the maximum size of a VHD/VHDX by updating the SizeinMB setting. This GA release also includes one additional bug fix that was not available in the 2105 Public Preview (RebootOnUserLogoff and ShutdownOnUserLogoff now apply properly).

Installation notes
This release can be installed over any previous version of FSLogix.
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• Various updates were made to improve login time.
• Fixed an issue where users could fail to login if a VHD network location was unavailable.
• You can now increase the size of an existing VHD(x) by updating the SizeinMB setting.
• The RefreshUserPolicy setting can now be managed via group policy template (ADMX).
• The Installed Version of FSLogix is now written to the registry (HKLM:Software\FSLogix\Apps:InstallVersion).
• Fixed an issue where Type4 printer drivers worked after initial configuration, but not subsequent sessions.
• Orphaned/corrupt NST files are now cleaned up along with OST files.
• Resolved a Cloud Cache bug where a second machine accessing the RW disk gets permanently locked out.
• Fixed an issue compiling AppMasking rules with a destination in HKCU.
• Fix an issue where FSLogix could cause a deadlock and prevent user connections.
• Fixed various issues that could crash the FSLogix service.
• Resolved an issue causing frxshell to not launch on non-English systems.
• Fixed an issue where the RebootOnUserLogoff and ShutdownOnuserLogoff settings were ignored.

FSLogix documentation:

Release Notes: FSLogix 2105 Release Notes
Download Location:
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New Contributor

Hello @Steve Downs - Any update on known issues with stored apps that are installed on user profiles like the company portal, please?

Hi Anoop. We're focused on resolving store app issues right now and plan to have those fixes in our next release.
New Contributor
Is there also a fix included or upcoming for profiles when user comes from a trusted domain?
Occasional Visitor

Does anybody know why the "Allow concurrent user sessions" GP policy has been removed?


Is it now enough to set the profile type instead?

Hello @Steve Downs

I'd like to pick up AlexPimperton's post about the 'Allow concurrent user sessions' policy. Unfortunately, this policy was already removed in version 2009 and there's no note about that in the news section. However, the registry setting (ConcurrentUserSessions) is still mentioned in the registry configuration reference.

But since the setting is no longer honored, e.g. concurrent sessions no longer prevented, would you please share some information about the 'loss' of this feature?


Thank you.

Occasional Visitor

Hello @Steve Downs do you know if the issue with files/folders being removed from the C drive was resolved in this release, there is nothing noted in the release notes?


The issue is detailed here: 


Many Thanks,



Hi Alex and Marcel, we removed the "Allow concurrent user sessions" because you can accomplish similar behavior via the ''Restrict Remote Desktop Services users to a single Remote Desktop Services session' group policy setting.


HI @MD_CC, the version mentioned in that thread is no longer supported and we've fixed issues related to files being removed in 2.9.7654.46150. I recommend you update to the latest release and open a ticket if you encounter this problem.

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