Announcing FSLogix 2201 hotfix 1 (2.9.8171.14983) has been released!

This update for FSLogix 2201 includes fixes to Cloud Cache and container redirection processes. No new features are included with this update.


This is a **hotfix** for FSLogix 2201 (2.9.8111.53415). If you are using Cloud Cache or have experienced intermittent system crashes as a result of FSLogix, it is recommended to install this update.


  • Resolved an issue with Cloud Cache where disk read / write blocking could potentially create a deadlock to the disk and cause the Virtual Machine to become unresponsive.
  • Resolved an issue that would cause a Virtual Machine to crash while removing profile redirections during the sign out process.


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Download the following package: Download FSLogix 2201 hotfix 1 (2.9.8171.14983) 
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Hi @Jason_Parker are you / is the FSLogix team the aware of any similar reports that Office Containers hosted on Windows Server 2019/2022 (File Server, SMB 3) causes the underlying ReFS 3.4 / 3.7 volumes to become RAW after a BSOD or causing other write issues on the volumes?

Curiously, all other ReFS volumes on the same server hosting FSLogix User Profiles are not affected.


This only happens with Office Containers at a customer, every ~30 days.

Due to the fact we cannot reproduce it outside of this "schedule" we could not successfully open a support ticket with the FSLogix Team.

Hello, does this fix only fix these two issues?


Is it possible that you somehow broke the static download url for the latest fslogix? 
We always download the latest agent via "" via Invoke-Webrequest because the AVD base image is always not maintained and has an old fslogix release installed.
Since the hotfix release it does not work anymore. 

I am not aware of this issue, and this is the only report that I know of. My best recommendation would be to have the FSLogix support tool downloaded ( and then when the BSOD occurs, collect the dump and logs from the system and then open a case. An engineer can analyze the crash data and logs.

Yes, this is a hotfix targeted at specific bug fixes.
Was the BSOD noted related to the minifilter? We've had a few machines crash in the last two weeks with frxdrvvt listed on the stack calling nt!IoThreadToProcess, but the parent process was an Antivirus so we had pursued that angle first
Resolved an issue that would cause a Virtual Machine to crash while removing profile redirections during the sign out process.

- Is this a fix for local_%username% folders hanging ?

Changing the log path location with the FSLogix GPO setting has been broken for many releases now.

Changing it via a GPP registry works fine.

Can you guys please address it in the next release? 


Yes we need this too for our automatic sessionhost deployment! We need the direct "latest" download url back, pls !

Thanks for your guidance @Jason_Parker.


One last question about the procedere.

The BSOD doesn't happen on the Windows Server 2022 system where FSlogix is installed, but where the Office Containers reside.

Also we cannot yet identify which User might cause the issue.

So running the tool on the fileserver would be still helpful?



Can you elaborate which two issues you refer to?


Hello, Fslogix 2201/Windows 2016

I encounter a bug where the vhdx disk does not mount,

in which log should I look for more details?


What happens or is logged when mounting them via Windows Explorer manually ?
Give me an answer, please.
To be clear, your Office (ODFC) profiles are hosted on a Windows File Server and that server is encountering system crashes (BSOD)? If this is the case, it would not be FSLogix related and you'd need to open a support case and have an engineer review the crash dump files.
Without getting too specific these are the generic items resolved in the hotfix:
- CCD Deadlock during AsyncCachedRead
- Crash when redirect entry is freed during name resolution
Give me an answer, please.