[Announcement] Service rolled out to 4 new geographies: Australia, Asia Pacific, India, and Brazil


We have completed the rollout of additional WVD service instances to the following Azure geographies: Australia, Asia Pacific, India, and Brazil. Users near or in these goes should see reduced connection latencies.


You can check preliminary latency results using our experience estimator - https://azure.microsoft.com/en-us/services/virtual-desktop/assessment/.

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Thanks for WVD instances rollout to India:folded_hands:. Now I tried to check WVD experience estimator from India but its keeps on loading. I checked multiple times from yesterday its the same. I tested the same from one of US server. It’s working from there. Any maintenance going on?

@janakiramn : We've received similar comments, so let me check back in with our team to see if this is a known issue.

@janakiramnsame experience here with the Experience Estimator (for Australia)

@Ian Pickering : Thanks for the observation. I've forwarded this along to the team to investigate.

@Christian_Montoya : As an update, we've identified the issue for the Experience Estimator and rolling out a fix. Will confirm when it should be live for everyone.

@janakiramn , @Ian Pickering : Apologize for the delayed update. This issue has been resolved and you should be able to query from all regions.

@Christian_Montoya Hi - just need to confirm if we have a region IN China for WVD? I have a customer with locations in China that require this service to be delivered from within China, not a region outside of China. Thanks!



@Dale_Noleroth : No, we do not have service instances in the Azure geography of China. To clarify, even with service instances in China, service metadata is still stored in the U.S. today.


At the moment, it looks like the nearest geography to China that has service instances is Asia Pacific, which contains the East Asia and Southeast Asia regions.

Does Asia Pacific cover Southeast Asia or East Asia?


We have users in these regions and the Windows Virtual Desktop Experience Estimator is telling them that the India regions have the least latency.

I have also tested from Hong Kong, and it points me to Australia as the region with the least latency.


This seems to indicate there are no gateways in Southeast Asia or East Asia.

So was the "Asia Pacific" announcement incorrect?



@jmh_7 : Asia Pacific covers both Southeast Asia and East Asia, and we do have gateways in these regions.


One thing we've seen across other customers is that since we are based on Azure Traffic Manager right now, the routing is purely dependent on the DNS servers and where they are, as they report the public IP to the load balancer on connection (and the Experience Estimator). Could this also be a factor in your environment?

@Christian_Montoya thanks.


I completely missed the fact I was using Australian DNS servers.


I heard that Azure Front Door will fix this kind of issue soon. Is this correct?

@jmh_7 : Correct, Azure Front Door is expected to fix this behavior. We are investigating this.