Android client can't login to WVD (spring 2020)

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I try to use Android client version .
We have synchronized on-premise AD and Azure AD, but we have different domain names for users.
The Android client can pass through the first half of log in with my Azure AD account, but when client try to go next step it fails. I see the appeared window with suggestion to write password again but I can't use on-premise AD account name because the client use only Azure AD user name. There is no possibility to change user name, because it is blocked. It's strange because in similar situation for WEB client we can use different users.
How can I use Android client for users with different domain names for on-premise and Azure AD?   

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@Sergey Osherov Is this working well with the Windows Desktop client? There are some restrictions to ensure that the AD Account used is the same as the one that was synchronized. Trying to see if this is an issue specific to the Android client or if it might be the way things are configured.

@David Belanger  The Windows Desktop Client works good, but not works with Android client.

@Sergey Osherov 


I get this also, it sucks as WVDI hasn't got full sso capability yet with out ADFS, and our business has not implemented any SSO at all, so we rely on Azure AD for login to the WVDI service and on prem AD for Domain login to the Virtual Machines. The Android Client seams to be the only one that dosnt prompt correctly for the domain login. The Client caches the Azure AD username and dosnt let you change it, at the point it authenticates the VM login.


This is a simple fix, on vm authentication just do not disable the text box and allow people to put in a different user name. This is two mins development work but actually means the Android client becomes usable.





Keen to understand if this is still an issue? I use my Android with my primary Azure AD for O365. I just set up a demo WVD against a separate AAD and AADDS domain. When I log-in, I get prompted for credentials which allows a separate work or school ID, but after entering the password simply says "The sign-in was cancelled". Is this the same issue as the one described here?