Add on-prem Windows 7 to WVD hostpool

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Hello community! What would be the best approach to acheive the following: we want to lift and shift a VMware windows 7 VM to Azure with Azure Migrate. Once in Azure, what would be the best approach to get it in WVD?
Probably other VM's will follow.

1. Add the wvd agents and onboard to an existing host pool? Like described here:

2. Sysprep the VM, capture image and deploy a host pool with this image? Is this possible?

Or other options?

Thank you for your insights!
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@Thomas-DeWitte Hi Thomas, both are supported. Just make sure that if you decide to use #2, the WVD agent is installed afterwards (after the initial boot of the OS). 




@PieterWigleven Thanks for your input!


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