Add additional Hosts to the Pool causes Office app errors until they sign in and reset the settings



I hope I can explain this clearly...

We added 3 more hosts to the pool and now the Users have to re-sign in to each of the Office Apps, and reset their Excel settings up on each of the new VM's.


We are using FSLogix for the Profiles, MFA enabled and Office365ProPlus with OneDrive installed using published applications for majority of the users. I did confirm on the published desktop I do have the same results on the new VM.


Is there a way for those individual settings for Excel to carry over when a new VM is added to the Pool?

Like the way Roaming profiles work in Citrix? This is all new to us, so it is a learning curve for the Admins and Users.

(we are currently in process of migrating everyone to AVD from Citrix).


An example of an error in Excel is "Sorry another account from your organization is already signed in on this computer." with a Cancel button.

Once they click Cancel, they open Excel, click on Account and click Fix Me. This re authenticates them.


Then they have to add the setting changes they set in Excel on this new VM. Not everyone uses the same settings, so a GPO is not configured for them. I'm thinking I should do that anyway, like I did in Citrix environment.


Any suggestions?






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What configurations are you using for profiles and ODFC right now? The individual settings should be retained no matter the session host you're connected to.


We have a Profile Container set up, not Office Container.

We are using FSLogix for Profiles and Redirect Source Folder enabled.


What configuration will make their Excel be retained when a new server is added?

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Agree - check the FSLogix profiles for the files/settings, if for some reason they don't exist then you can add and remove them through the FSLogix redirection file -