Add AD group to a hostpool

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Is there a way to add a group instead of having to add user individually to the hostpool?  I came across an article a while back that this will be available but can't find it anymore.  

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@bhushangawale have you tried this script?  i came across this last night but from the comments that this script didn't work.

@delcemt No haven't tried it personally yet, however it logically looks good. Is there any specific error you get when you run it?

@bhushangawale I checked out the script and used it.  It worked.  This will be good for now until they can make release the feature in the portal soon.  Thanks!




There is a better script that you can use with taskscheduler

Hi @delcemt ,


additionally, Microsoft announced yesterday in the Tech Talk that with the "SpringUpdate" and the updates coming very soon, the Azure built-in management interface will be introduced, where you can also define access to AppGroups based on Groups!


For now I would also suggest you to go for the script, but this will change very soon!


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