Active Directory Machine join failed

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Joining my windows virtual desktop to Active Directory in Azure failed when it first created the machine I was able to connect with no problems via RDP but that started to fail the following day.  I am trying to figure out how to join the computer to the domain now or maybe I will just need to start over?

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I rebuilt my windows virtual desktop still having issues joining it to our domain

@tommy_barnes hey Tommy- what kind of VM and what kind of domain setup do you have?

It is using the new windows 10 vm that allows multiple users @Ethan Stern we are using the Azure AD Premium P2 domain which is now separate from our on-prem 365 domain but this domain and sub is where the actually box is located

@tommy_barnes : To clarify, were the connections working earlier (a day or two ago) but now they are not?

Never worked I believe we are going to try active directory domain services to see if we can get it to work @Christian_Montoya