Activation Error

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When I deploy WVD and login, there is always a message to ask activation.


Activate Windows

Go to Settings to activate Windows



After I activate Windows10 license on Settings and reboot, I cant access to the device any more with following status;



And also there are following messages in "Activation" Settings;


We cant activate Windows on this device as we cant connect to your organization's activation server. Make sure youre connected to your organization's network and try again.If youcontinue having problems with activation, contract your organization's support person.

Error code: 0xC004F074

If youre having problems with activation,select Troubleshoot to try and fix the problem.


Does anyone know the solution on this problem?

I'm happy if someone has a solution and share that with me.



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When I use "troubleshooting", I got following Error. It seems to be because WVD doesnt have public IP address.




@yatsu40 : Can you double check the requirements section of the Overview doc to see if you've allowed outbound access? Also, there's a specific URL for Windows activation (

@Christian_MontoyaThank you for your help!

I setted up Firewall on 1688 port before, but I found that it didnt work. I thought it was because of name resolving, but I cant connect to even IPaddress with port( I used cscript, telnet and tnc to check).



@yatsu40 : I will also forward internally, but otherwise I would recommend creating a support ticket may be the best path to find true resolution and get you up and running.

@Christian_Montoya  I resolved this problem after I added route table to KMS into both onpremise router and the one created on Azure. Thank you for your help.