Account Used To Logon needs to be different from Logged in Windows User - Help Please

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I am able to successfully deploy WVD for all of my users who login to Windows 10 dekstpos as a named user.  My RemoteApps load fine and all is well.


The issue comes where we have a number of depot locations where for exmaple they might have 2 or more PCs which all login to Windows 10 as the same domain user (primarily for simplicity, they do not need seperate email addresses and need access to the same OF365 mailbox).

So in these locations in our previous non WVD deployment I would have two or more domain users (dep01-2, dep01-2) which would login and run our RemoteApps.  However when I assign these users to the ApplicationGroups the WVD client refreshes and shows the correct apps, when syncing as the dep01-1 etc accounts.  However when the connection is initiated the REmoteDekstp client is choosing to use the logged in Windows account (which is the same on both PCs) instead of the defined RemoteApp domain users.  I hope this makes sense, I'm happy to explain further.  In short I need to be able to specify a WVD RemoteApp user that is different from the OF365 and Windows 10 logged in user.

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Currently Windows desktop client does not support this. You can try with our Windows Store Remote Desktop Client. When you start a connection, you will have the option to choose what account to use for the connection.

@Soo Kuan Teo, Hello thank you for your response.  I am having difficulty in establishing what the RemoteApp server address is for the WVD RemoteApp resources?  I've tried inputting the one from the WVD Client however it doesn't seem to work. 

if you use the Windows Store Remote Desktop Client, click on the "+Add", select "workspace", then provide the WVD Url:
Windows Virtual Desktop (classic):
Windows Virtual Desktop:

@Soo Kuan Teo


Thank you for your response, while I can use the new version of the RDP client to add resources that are tied to a different email/account from the main Windows account, when a connection to those resources is established I find the main Windows account user is used for that connection.  Ideally the specified email.account being used to find the resource feed should then also follow through and be utilised for the connection, particulalry as at that point 2FA has already been used to verify the user to generate the resources available.


So to sum up, the account used to login to the workspace is not the account used to login to the server.  When one would think it really should be,  I'll admit it's an unusual case, but an important one none the less as currently it could be considered misleading.


I did try the MS Store Remote Desktop app, this refuses to display any resources and as such I cannot proceed any further with it.  The WVD Remote Desktop client does seem to be the way to go, I was hopeful when the new update was released that it would perform as I need it to, sadly not quite. 

Sorry I'm not fully understand your scenario, say 3 accounts:
UserA, AccountB, AccountC.
1-UserA logon to windows machine
2-Then UserA uses AccountB to subscribe to WVD (
3-the resources(feeds) show up on the WVD clients
4-UserA wants to use AccountC to connect to these WVD resources?

@Soo Kuan Teo 

Hello, thank you for trying to understand better my situation.  Thre are only two accounts to be clear.

Windows 10 dekstop PC login - Account A

Windows Virtual Desktop User  - Account B


1- User A logs into domain joined PC.

2- User A opens Remote Desktop Client (WVD edition)

3- User A uses Account B credentials to subscribe to WVD

4- The resources for Account B show up in the Remote Desktop Client app.

5 - User A double clicks one of the RemoteApp programs (resources)

6-  The RemoteDesktop connection begins, however the user is logged in using Account A, not Account B.  The RemoteApp fails to open as Account A is not authorised for RemoteDesktop login on the server.  


The issue being when account B is used to subscribe, it should also be used for the connection.  Otherwise it could become very confusing.  

Thanks for the information! Can you please file a feedback to us with feedbackhub? Feedbackhub will give us more info on your situation. Please do the following:
1. Reproduce your logon scenario once.
2. Open feedback hub, make sure you select category= apps\Remote Desktop
3. optional: "start repro" to reproduce your logon scenario, "stop scenario"
4. Click submit
5. After you submitted, wait for like 15 seconds. on the feedback hub ui, select Feedback->My feedback, you should see the feedback you just submitted. Click it, then Click Share, it will generate a link. Please share the link with us.

@Soo Kuan Teo 


I have finally gotten around to doing what you have asked.  Here is the link, sorry for the delay:

Thanks James, we'll get back to you.

@James_Randall_1978 , Thanks for your feedback from feedbackhub, we identified the issue. we are working on the fix.

Thanks again.


Thank you, that is superby, presumably this will require an update to the client program? I shall wait eagerly for news.


Sorry to be a pain, but do you have any ETA on when this might be resolved?  I have around 60 users in my company I cannot migrate to WVD RemoteApps at the moment.  A reough idea on ETA would be very helpful to allow me to plan.  Thank you.

The bug is fixed, we are in the process of rolling it out. Thanks!
Excellent news, thank you, do you have any idea which verison release of the client I should be looking out for please?

@Soo Kuan Teo , Hello,

Assuming version 1.2.1446.0 is the release version to fix the bug I described, then I'm afaid it is still nto fixed, at least not for myself.  I'm not certain if perhaps I'm doing something wrong but the client stil logs in as the Windows 10 user, not the account the resources are being pulled from.

@James_Randall_1978 Hi, was this ever fixed? I have the same behaviour on the latest version of the Remote Desktop windows client.

no sadly it's still an issue, I also now have issues where our Office 365 has migrated to another tenant and our Azure AD used with WVD is in our original tenant. Which over time is causing the Remote Desktop application to fail MFA and mean I'm having to move users back to a traditional RDP RemoteApp deployment. Which is very annoying.