Accessing AVD Pools via Thin Client / Thin OS Options

Looking for some recommendations on hardware / Thin Client running a Thin OS to be used to access Azure Virtual Desktop Virtual Machine Pools from classrooms with multiple monitors
I've looked at Chromebooks, but being a laptop design, wouldnt be the best fit to have to mount under desks and run wires to monitors / keyboard / etc. I also saw ChromeBoxes, but havent actually used / worked with one.
Also looked at and have experience with Intel NUCs running Stratodesk Thin OS.
Looking for any other recommendations... Appreciate any assistance.
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Sorry for the late response, If you are still looking, IGEL OS can be used on any x86 hardware (PC, thin client from any vendor/laptop) to access AVD/Windows 365. 
Read more on (my personal blog in IGEL + AVD/W365 etc) and


Reach out if you have any questions!