AAD Authentication Error

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I have set up a fresh WVD host pool with two domain joined virtual machines running. I can subscribe to the feed with the Windows Virtual Desktop app from the store, but whenever I go through the webclient, I get an "AAD Authentication Error - Your credentials do not have access to this web application. Please try again with different credentials or from an InPrivate browser session".

I tried it in 3 different browsers and another device which is running under the AD account I have assigned to the application group. I also tried with a different account from the same assigned group.


I can open a desktop session when using the store client, but why is the website not allowing access?

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@Niels_Ziegler  Hello. I am having this exact same issue when using the website to attempt to login. The Remote App works fine though. Have you managed to find the solution yet ?



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Yes, I made the stupid mistake of using


instead of the link for the "after spring upate" version


because the shortlink led me to the older one.

@Niels_Ziegler it looks like I made the same mistake. Thanks for replying so quickly. This helped me out no end.