Workspace is deleted each time MS Remote Desktop quits

Workspace is deleted each time MS Remote Desktop quits



 Sep 11 2023
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Currently I'm working with MS Remote Desktop for macOS Beta 10.9.2 (2147) to use customer workspace. I've left all preferences at default and only configured the workspace user.

Each time I quit the app the workspace is deleted and I have to set up again.

With previous (beta) versions (i.e. 10.9.0) I did not have similar problems.


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Same problem on my side and even for other users in my organization.

Didn't happen before, don't know if this is a client issue or something related with the session token on Azure AD.

macos 12.6.8, RD Client 10.9.1 (2142)

Microsoft, please fix ASAP.


I just came here to post a similar issue with the production Version 10.9.2 (2147). This is completely unacceptable.

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On my Mac the Remote Desktop client app has been updated to 10.9.2 (2147).

I re-added my workspace for the n-th time, but it disappeared again.

Moreover, I just noticed that the workspace disappears even while the app is still running (only the remote desktop session to Azure Virtual Desktop was disconnected).


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Same here. Actually, I have observed that the Workplaces are there for a second or two after the Remote Desktop starts. Then they disappear.


This is annoying because not only is it necessary to add the Workplaces back every time, it is also necessary to configure them with custom Settings (e.g. to not use all monitors, etc.).


I am on 10.9.2 (2147), but it doesn't say anywhere that it is a Beta version. I thought it was a normal version.

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After updating frequently to Microsoft Remote Desktop Beta 10.9.3 (2156) the issue does not happen again in the last few days.

The Beta version is only available at Microsoft and could not be installed at Apple'S AppStore.

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I see the same problem for quite some time. Its happening almost every day after closing Remote Desktop Client.
Mac Os 

Version 13.5.2 (22G91)
MRD Version 10.9.1 (2142)

Microsoft could you do something about it?