Use all monitor not working with Optimize for Retina displays on Mac

Use all monitor not working with Optimize for Retina displays on Mac



 Feb 28 2022
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Up until about 10 days ago, I was able to use multiple monitors with the Optimize for Retina displays option. Today, when I tried to login remotely, my second monitor did not respond and the main screen was unreadable due to an extremely high resolution setting. I tried numerous settings to get it to work correctly and found that if I turned off Optimize for Retina displays, both displays work, although much more blurry than when the Optimize for Retina displays in enabled.

I can enable Optimize for Retina displays when using only one monitor.

I am using Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.7.6 and macOS 12.2.1.

Will you please look into this problem for me?


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An additional new problem with the current version of Remote Desktop:

Starting in full screen mode on multiple monitors, when I exit full screen and then return to full screen, the additional monitors go black.


Hi @dndncnsn ,

Thank you for the feedback. Can you provide a screenshot of the monitor arrangement/layout? 


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Screen Shot 2022-03-02 at 1.25.17 PM.png

 Thanks the reply @js351. Let me know if you have any other questions.

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Hello! An additional problem I am experiencing:

When starting a remote desktop session with multiple monitors, the second monitor sometimes fails to populate the desktop, resulting in a black screen.

It sometimes takes multiple attempts to get the second monitor to engage.