session hangs on RDPC for OSX when number of monitors decreases

session hangs on RDPC for OSX when number of monitors decreases



 Aug 01 2023
Using MS RDP client Version Version 10.8.4 (2111) on OSX 13.4.1 (c) (22F770820d) running on an M2 MBP. Connecting to W11 Pro Version 10.0.22621 Build 22621.
I normally connect as above with "Use all monitors" ticked while having 3 external monitors connected via a dock and the built in display closed. Immediately after disconnecting the dock, the 3 display connection turns black with a faint outline of what was shown before, and there is no way to get back to the session, nor to close it, including after reconnecting to the dock;
1. I cannot close the connection with neither cmd+w nor cmd+q.
2. I cannot reconnect to the same session - I am not presented with a "reconnect dialog", nor can I reconnect by clicking the same session in the connection picking window, as I am simply brought back to the disabled connection.
3. I can create a new session with a different monitor configuration (e.g. "use all monitors" unticked). However, that does not trip the ghost connection and it remains "active" with no reconnect dialog presented.
I suspect that the dialog is presented somewhere offscreen and the connection becomes unresponsive waiting for a response to an invisible dialog.
It would be great to have this fixed, at least to the point when I can right click and "Quit" / Cmd+Q it, rather than "Force Quit" / Kill -9 it.
PS, the system flagged me for flooding after I tried to submit the same post a couple of times, correcting errors (I didn't realize I must tag it, initially). Seems a bit too strict given that this is the same message with corrections. If a mod sees this, perhaps a slightly more flexible policy would be more user friendly...