RemoteDesktop app not available on HP Chromebook14a due to compatibility issues

RemoteDesktop app not available on HP Chromebook14a due to compatibility issues



 Nov 29 2022
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Microsoft's Remote Desktop app (ID: is no longer displayed and available in the Google Play Store on the HP Chromebook 14a (AMD)


I have contacted Google support


  • Remote Desktop (ID: does not run on Chrome OS devices (HP Chromebook 14a (AMD)) due to compatibility issues and therefore does not appear in the Google Play Store
  • Due to compatibility issues, not being displayed is an expected occurrence
  • The company that provides the Remote Desktop application (Microsoft) needs to take action

I received a response from Google Support


The information below is the CPU and model name of the Chromebook device


Model:HP Chromebook 14a nd0000AU

CPU:AMD 3015Ce with Radeon Graphics

Link:Spec Sheet(ja)

Google ChromeOS:107.0.5304.110
Google Chrome:107.0.5304.110


That's all.

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There are a few posts on this. I too cannot install the Microsoft Remote Desktop app from the Google play store on 2 new Asus Chromebooks. The error states it is incompatible with your device.

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This is happening to us too. I found others having the same issue on the Chromebook help page. Those posts are from November 16.
We broke out an older chromebook with 105 OS and it wont load remote desktop either, same thing, not compatible 

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Olivia_7 Thanks for the info.

For security reasons, we are limited to the RemoteDesktop app.

I didn't enter the reason for using the RemoteDesktop app.

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Olivia_7, thanks, same, we have to use MS RDP as we use an RD Gateway Server.

Had some success installing an older version of Remote Desktop using an apk file from apkmirror .com and installing it in ChromeOS's Developer mode.


Looks like Microsoft released an update yesterday (29th Nov) on the Google Play store, but I still don't have the option to install it.

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The HP Chromebook 14a now displays the RemoteDesktop app in the Google Play Store

The ChromeOS versions confirmed to be displayed are 105.0.5195.134 and 107.0.5304.110

RemoteDesktop Version updated 1129


Hi @Baraki-M @drebello @Olivia_7 @Reachums ,

Thank you for the feedback, as noted in the thread should fix any compatibility issues with Chromebooks introduced in the previous update. It is currently rolling out in GA, so if the update is not available to your device yet the most sure-fire way to unblock is to enroll in beta and download it there (where it is already at 100% rolling out)


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