Remote Desktop IOS - PowerShell Keyboard Input and Option+Tab Non Functional

Remote Desktop IOS - PowerShell Keyboard Input and Option+Tab Non Functional



 Oct 23 2021
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Using a 2021 iPad Pro, the Apple Keyboard for this product and the latest version of Remote Desktop there are two non functional items.


1. You can no longer switch between Windows (Alt+Tab on host OS) using the Option + Tab key, nor does there seem to be a method to manually bind this combination in the app. 


2. A PowerShell terminal will not accept any keyboard input (both regular and Administrator). The ISE PowerShell terminal will work and command prompt does as well. 

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Same here. I can’t manage my servers from the iPad Pro anymore since the keyboard is not working inside powershell. This only happens when connecting to Windows Server 2022 and starting powershell. On Windows Server 2019 it still works fine.

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I have the same issue.  Is there any resolution Microsoft?

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Same, even after all this time.

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I have the same issue with Remote Desktop for iPadOS when controlling my two Windows Server Core 2022 servers.  I can happly use the iPad Magic Keyboard with the Command Prompt and manage SConfig fine, but once it exits back to PowerShell i have no keyboard input to PowerShell.  It is frustrating, although I discovered that by a combination of the Mac Super Key, Option Key and Control Key I can get alpha-numeric characters to appear within the PowerShell Terminal. It is a pain though because you have to try various combinations of special and letter keys to spell out what you want.


To reproduce this RDP from an IPad with Microsoft Remote Desktop app and try and type in to CMD and PowerShell.

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I experienced the same problem: Couldn’t type in PowerShell admin window

I noticed two things you can use as a workaround:

1. Type in notepad, copy what you typed (CTRL-C) and then paste (Command-Key-V) into  the powershell command window.

2. Also I noticed on my keyboard if I press ALT then type any letter that the letter seems to show up in the powershell window!! Seems very odd and also, there were some letters that wouldn’t type

I could type all lowercase letters except a lowercase ‘d’.  What!?!
I couldn’t type a “ double-quote or characters which require the shift key to be held down too.

Copy / Paste is probably the best workaround we are going to get.  

Good luck.