Remote Desktop for Mac: No alert on session disconnect

Remote Desktop for Mac: No alert on session disconnect



 Apr 07 2022
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This relates to Microsoft Remote Desktop 10.x for macOS, installed from the App Store. Each time a remote session disconnects (such as on device sleep), an alert pops up over the shaded-out window telling me the session disconnected. The alert offers me no options except to close the alert and the window. This alert communicates information that I don't care to be alerted about, doesn't offer me useful alternatives like reconnecting the session, and its presence blocks certain actions until it is dismissed: this includes quitting the app; or, and this is truly maddening, reconnecting the disconnected session.


I would prefer the window just close when the session disconnects, unless I have enabled the auto-reconnect setting.


Using the OS notification system would be a better option to notify those users who want this information that a session has disconnected: at least those notifications can be configured and disabled per-user.

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Yes it is truly annoying