Remote Desktop Client May Releases causing problems when moving App to another Monitor.

Remote Desktop Client May Releases causing problems when moving App to another Monitor.



 May 18 2023
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Using Remote Desktop Client for Windows.

For the last few weeks, our Users that have multiple monitors are reporting a problem when moving an application to the other screen, the open applications freeze.

Things we tried:

*We have tried updating Remote Desktop and rolling-back. The March version 1.2.4066 solved the problem.

*Changing the Primary Display to the other Monitor.

*Delete the user profile for AVD.

*Update the Display Drivers.

*We can reproduce the problem on our Windows 11 AVD Server and our Windows 10 AVD Server.


Any help will be appreciated.

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We experience the same. Single screen workspaces have no issue, but multi monitor is occasionally bugged when logging in through the Remote Desktop client. 

Display either freezes on one screen and the other responds, or one freezes and the other stays black. Way to quickly solve it (though it's not a solution!) is to click the square on the white bar on top of the screen to go in windowed mode (not minimize!) and then go full screen again. 

Usually solves it.

Also had an occasional glitch that both screens ended up on one monitor, making them incredibly small ofcourse on the top half of the (left) screen.

Hope this can be remedied. Ever since the blue bar got replaced for the (imho not so pretty) white bar, this issue has been persistent.

Note: Computer has the most recent updates and Remote Desktop client and also the latest video drivers from Intel.

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@Robski666 Got the same here. Did you resolve?

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@wheelerlewis: No, it persists. It hasn't been as frequent, but it still happens occasionally. 
The old "Remote Desktop" with the blue bar on top was always OK, but since the new UI with the white bar, it keeps happening. 


When you log in on multi-monitor setups, you can also see the screen "settle" a bit, moving a bit in the first seconds. And at most times it goes well but sometimes it just doesn't respond. Two black screens, or just one black and the other one is OK. 

Other graphic glitches happen as well. For example scrolling through a large Excel sheet with lots of text/numbers sometimes results in horizontal bars of left out data. Scroll that 'glitch' off the screen and back into the screen and it's OK again. 

It must be something with the graphics rendering.

Still waiting for the update to the client that reads "Fixed graphics issue with multi-monitor setups" :)

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It seems like we "had" the same issue. The main difference is we don't use FSlogix.


The problem seems to have resolved itself over time. Will keep monitoring.

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The latest update to the client read:
Added new parameters for multiple monitor configuration when connecting to a remote resource using the Uniform Resource Identifier (URI) scheme.

Would it be.. will it be?
So far so good on my end. The number of reports from our employees also went down. Not everyone has the client 100% up-to-date (no intune deployment unfortunately) but it appears the issue got addressed. 

Do you still experience it after updating to v1.2.4677?