Remote Desktop Client Mac Fullscreen Scaling

Remote Desktop Client Mac Fullscreen Scaling



 Jun 27 2022
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10.7.7 appears to have introduced an issue where the remote display no longer scales to full screen and is also only displayed on a single display when multiple displays are used. 


Screenshot from 3440x1440 external monitor.










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Yup I got the exact same issue as soon as I updated.  Very annoying.

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I left this comment on another post about the same thing , which is exactly the same as the issue that happened with 10.7.4.


Annoyingly, I now can't even find a working version by trying to roll back to any other version on Not sure if it's because I still have the broken 10.7.7 (2000) version installed (but not running), or some preference file somewhere, or what.


The best I can get is to turn off multi-monitor support and choose "update the session resolution on resize" which at least gives one usable screen. But it's not conducive to being able to do my work usefully, and it's incredibly frustrating.


I think I need to never update this app in future, because the updates can't be relied upon even by the time they get into the App Store, and it breaks my ability to do my job for a week each time.

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Thanks @Emma Bailey. I was resorting to the update resolution workaround till I saw your tip on rolling back the version. Now working in full dual screen glory.



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The fix is available on the latest beta client version 10.7.9 (build 2011). You can get it from


Send us a screenshot of your display arrangement if you're still hitting the issue after trying with the latest build

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Hi I'm having a similar problem when switching between docking stations with multple monitors. I use Remote Desktop (RD) 10.7.19 on a Macbook Air M1 and DisplayLink-enabled HP docking stations with multiple monitors.


This works fine every time I start a new RD session, but if I move from one docking station, either to just use my Mac or to another docking station, the Windows display visible in my RD window becomes bigger than the RD window and it does not seem to register my inputs (mouse clicks).


In addition, also when using RD on my Mac standalone, some windows will freeze and can't be moved, especially for Teams; even more peculiar is that sometimes the shared-desktop component/pane in Teams is drawn on my Mac display outside the RD window. (Perhaps a different issue?)