Remote Desktop Client for MacOS -- scrolling in apps with a scroll per line is not smooth and hard

Remote Desktop Client for MacOS -- scrolling in apps with a scroll per line is not smooth and hard



 Oct 11 2021
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How to reproduce:

  1. Connect to your Windows (10\11) from MacOS RDP Client 
  2. Open Visual Studio 2019 with some source file
  3. Try scroll source code file up and down with macbook trackpad

Actual Result: 

  1. Small and medium finger speed on trackpad does not start scrolling at all
  2. Hard push finger speed scroll a lot of lines of source file up\down, so it hard to scroll to specific code line

Expected Result:

  • Please make the trackpad scrolling experience via macos RDP client just the same as without RDP (native) for line-based scrolling UI applications (Like VS2019)
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Current experience from the touchpad is horrendous in a program like outlook. 


There are some SmoothScroll extensions for Visual Studio, various versions. Installed one with good reputation yesterday, and I have smooth scroll in the code edition window of Visual Studio 2019 now.

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Well yep, but I hope Mac rdp developers will fix the issue, really annoying 


There are multiple ways to support scrolling inside an application, from a developer point of view.  In order to implement proper reaction to "smooth scrolling", as modern mice can support it or trackpads, the application best needs to handle some specific messages in the proper way.

The code editor of Visual Studio (2019) does not do so. So it lives in the late '90s when scroll was a matter of knowing "by how many lines should I scroll the content when I get 1 notch from the mouse wheel". You know those mouse wheels which had notches which you could feel when rotating the wheel.

To support smooth scroll, and even more accelerated scroll depending on the way you "rotate" the wheel, and match more or less properly what happens when you move fingers through a trackpad, slowly or quickly, the application has to handle additional Windows API messages. Those messages deliver to the application a count of "ticks smaller than a notch" and the applications have to decide how to handle them. That is, how to translate those smaller ticks to smaller scroll increments (possibly sub-line scrolling) or accumulating them for a while until some threshold is reached at which point it scrolls a line or whatever unit feels appropriate for the application.

Using my Mac trackpad through a RDP session to a Windows machine where I run Visual Studio, those appropriate messages reach Visual Studio. It just is that it does not handle them as some other applications.

Those "SmoothScroll" extensions for Visual Studio only exist to add the missing appropriate mouse message handling to Visual Studio. I tested some, most are OK, one of them is better, feels better, but I won't insist on its name or author name in order to not favour any one of them.


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Well... So why it works perfectly smooth with Windows Precision trackpads ?

I think precision driver has some nice and tricky code to detect if it should do something to smooth line scroll logic in odd application... Maybe it can be implemented in similar way on Windows side to handle smoothly such things... Just thoughts

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The scrolling part have definitely a lot to be improved.