RD Client for iPad OS

RD Client for iPad OS



 Apr 02 2022
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I need to report an issue that occurred with this app in the past 2-3 days. The feedback option within the app suggest posting bug report and suggestions here, but I’m not sure I’m in the right place. Help, please.



Hi @Lebleb,

Yes please report the issue as an 'idea' in this forum. Thanks

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Thanks for responding. Actually, it was not a problem. I found Assistive Touch had somehow gotten activated. I don’t remember doing that, but maybe I activated it when tinkering around.


The symptoms were:

1. Inability to select a series of cells in Excel by dragging.

2. The fill handle in bottom right of a cell was not available. When I selected a cell, there were large circles in upper left and bottom right corners of the cell.

3. The mouse cursor appeared as a circle with an arrow to plus sign inside it, depending on what I was doing.


Noticed problems 1 & 3 when editing in Word. Could not drag across text to select it.


Disabling Assistive Touch fixed the problem.