"control" key on Mac BookPro M1 Pro is not working

"control" key on Mac BookPro M1 Pro is not working



 Mar 30 2022
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This is a possible bug, today I changed my Mac to a new Mac book Pro with M1 Pro chip and I noticed that the key "control" sometimes is not working when I use the remote host via Remote Desktop (running Windows).


I wondering if this is a known bug




Hi @mauricioarce ,

Are you in a nested session? This is an identified bug that a fix should be coming in the next release. If you are not in a nested session, can you please provide elaborate what you mean by "remote host via Remote Desktop (running Windows)"

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Hi @js351 thanks for replying my concern.


What do you mean with "nested session"? Running a Remote Desktop Connection session within another Remote Desktop Connection session? if this is correct the answer is no.


I'm connecting to a remote desktop via RDP