Please don't overwrite my password without asking 😞

Please don't overwrite my password without asking 😞



 Mar 30 2022

I'm using Remote Desktop Version 10.7.6 (1972) on macOS 12.2.1.


I've been successfully RDPing to a AWS instance for months. Remote Desktop stores my username/password in the macOS KeyChain and I feel like this is reliable so I don't have a backup of the password.


Work demands change and I need to connect to a new AWS instance. I duplicate my existing RDP connection and edit the PC name, thinking the password will be the same. It's not. Remote Desktop prompts me to enter the correct password. So I proceed and enter the correct password. Remote Desktop connects me to my instance and logs me in. But now, much to my surprise, my password to my other instance is forever lost. Without knowing it, I have updated the RDP account password, so Remote Desktop has overwritten my other password in the macOS KeyChain.  And I am now sad :sad: because I will probably have to set up this instance again from scratch to be able to RDP into it again.


This is where the problem lies. Remote Desktop does not warn me what will happen when I enter in a new password. My intuition says Remote Desktop will not save the password I enter, that I can expect the same behaviour as Ask when required. Yes when you have never successfully connected to any PC using an RDP account it makes sense to overwrite it without asking - you're helping the user progress towards their goals. But not when that username/password combo has worked before - then it is valuable and Remote Desktop should ask what the user wants to do.