New Update for Mac gives Error 0x4

New Update for Mac gives Error 0x4



 Apr 28 2023
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Hello today I have installed the new update of Microsoft Remote Desktop for Mac OS and from when I have updated the software gives me Error 0x4 how h

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Same here. 0x4 since installing the 10.8.2 update.

This only seems to be giving me the error for an old XP Virtual Machine. Other more recent Windows OSes still connect just fine.

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Same issue here, works fine on Windows 2016 servers, but not our legacy 2003 servers. I have had to turn off the auto app update in Mosyle and find an older version of RDP as a work around.

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I have the same problem. Yesterday I installed mac OS Sonoma, after installation, I cant connect to work PC via Microsoft Remote desktop app Version 10.9.2 (2147). I have error code 0x4.