Need for multi-windowed experience

Need for multi-windowed experience



 Nov 09 2021
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We are currently delivering a third party software application through Azure Virtual Desktop to hundreds of employees. Users have a need to use the application across multiple windows (view tabular data on one monitor and map data on another monitor). When doing so they can't interact with their local machine (the session desktop has to be maximized and fully covers both windows with no access to your local taskbar). This is extremely problematic because users can't use Word, Outlook, Teams, etc. when using the application in multiple windows.


It is not an option to put the other applications mentioned above in the virtual desktop. We would have preferred to deliver the application through a RemoteApp streaming option but Azure's RemoteApp does not support ArcPro.

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Hi SarahWren,

Can you please provide more info on your scenario, including the client version and hardware you are using.


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