Microsoft Remote Desktop & Security Key

Microsoft Remote Desktop & Security Key



 Jul 14 2023
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Using Microsoft Remote Desktop (version 10.8.4 (2111)) on a MacBook, when signing into a workspace I'm presented with my options, but if I select Security Key the login page goes grey and just hangs (it's almost like something else should pop up but doesn't). I have to back out and use another method.


I use the security key for logging into various other Microsoft portals and apps. If I pick any other MFA method then it works.


Device: MacBook Air M2

OS: 14.0

Security Key: Yubikey 5C NFC

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I have a similar problem: I need to authenticate with my security key on an app in a RDP session from macOS but it looks like the security key is not being passed through. I have selected smartcards to pass-through as this seems the most appropriate option and the only one making sense. But obviously it does not work.