MacOS Remote Desktop power saving idea

MacOS Remote Desktop power saving idea



 Nov 06 2021

Hello fellows,


and thank you for making the most necessary of all MacOS applications, Microsoft Remote Desktop :)


I use it every day a lot with my MBA M1, calling my Intel NUC / Win 10 Pro host.


I'm interested in saving battery power. MRD is not very power-hungry - but, it hogs power ALL the time, which i think is unnecessary.


So, my idea comes here:


Please make MRD "power nap" -aware, to save battery power. Many MacOS apps go to power nap when they are just idling without anything to do. Power nap -state can be observed in MacOS Activity Monitor.


I think there are two situations at when MRD should go to power nap:


1) When it is not (yet) connected to any host, presenting the Connection Center (or without any window open).


2) When it is in "Do you want to reconnect?" -state.


Best regards,

Jukka Salomaa
Helsinki, Finland


tel +358 400 315 444