[IPAD] usb mouse is not recognized on RD client

[IPAD] usb mouse is not recognized on RD client



 Nov 14 2022
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While my usb mouse is correctly recognized on my iPad, it is not working in RD client.


I can see the cursor moving but there’s no response on my remote computer, including clicks, scroll or even move action(cursor is moving but it didn’t react in remote computer)


These issues didn’t show up while using Bluetooth mouse btw.


I can’t see my device in RD client option

my mouse is razer viper ult v2 pro, if necessary.

Copper Contributor

I didn’t see wired mouse is supported on the website, but I think it was recognized as pointer mode and cursor mode icons were disappeared when I connected my mouse, and the cursor icon also changed instead of the default icon on iOS, so I guess it should be supported.