Improve Window management on Macs

Improve Window management on Macs



 Jul 05 2022

Last Microsoft Remote Desktop Version version introduced Option-Tab to switch AVD windows.

But made it harder to locate windows on Macs.

  • Remote Desktop icon on the dock -> right click -> is showing only RDP windows + the connection center
  • Option tab is showing only AVD windows (and not the connection center).
  • Menu bar window switcher isn't there any longer

IMHO, it's not clearer... the option tab option is hard to discover... and we no longer have any text list of all Remote Desktop windows.


  1. I wish there was a unified list of windows managed by the Remote Desktop application (at least, we still have app expose).
  2. I wish there was a way to make some windows have their own dock icons (and why not launchpad and/or finder icons).