I can't access a VM but my colleague can.

I can't access a VM but my colleague can.



 Feb 14 2024



I'm trying to access a VM using a SonicWall & Microsoft Remote Desktop software.

I cannot access the VM using the same login credentials that my colleague uses. She is able to get in, and I am not.


Firstly, I figured maybe it was because I live in Europe, theyre in the US so I used a VPN. That didnt help either. I keep getting the same error: "The user account did not work". 


We both checked our login credentials to see if there is a typo somewhere but that isnt the issue. I reinstalled my MRD but that also isn't an issue since I have the latest version. 


We are both using Mac. My other colleague from Europe also cant access it using the same credentials. So Im assuming it has to be something with that?


I added MDR inside my Firewall settings as an application so it doesnt get blocked there.


Can you help me solve the problem, please?


Thank you!