Choose monitors for Remote Desktop

Choose monitors for Remote Desktop



 Oct 21 2021
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Please allow us to choose which monitors Microsoft Remote Desktop works on (for the Mac App). For example, I would like to use my two external display monitors to run and display Microsoft Remote Desktop and continue to have my MacBook display maintain its space. Currently, if I have my MacBook open and start MRD, all three displays run MRD and its a hassel to try and minimize the screen on my MacBook and continue to work with the two externals. I would like a setting that allows MRD to recognize all displays and lets you choose which ones to open MRD on.

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In my case, I'm using MRD in only one external display, but I would like to be able to tell MRD that I want to start a computer in a specific display (or in a certain sub-sections of displays to fit that Idea): every single day, I have to drag MRD to my external display, launch a remote computer (in full display), minimize the remote computer, drag MRD back to my MacBookPro desktop, and maximize the remote computer : it doesn't have to be that complicated...

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Agreed, I have the same setup - two external monitors plus my Mac Air built-in display.

I'd like to be able to select only the two external monitors for the RD session while leaving the built-in display for other stuff.
On Windows it works by manually editing the .rdp file and setting the selectedmonitors property to only a subset of monitors. It would be great to have this supported by the Mac version as well

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