Bug report: Full screen on mac with menu bar

Bug report: Full screen on mac with menu bar



 May 22 2022
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I have the setting 'Automatically hide and show the menu bar in full screen' disabled on my mac. When this is the case, the entire screen is shifted down by the height of the menu bars and some parts at the top and bottom of the screen are inaccessible.







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Hi @Jurg_Laderach ,


That should be the case, it should be hidden when you connect. Have you tried to reinstall the client or check your settings in Remote Desktop client? See below.





My client version is 10.7.6

Hi Adin,

Thanks for your reply! I have set it this way. I do want the mac menu bar to always be displayed - is this not possible?

Screenshot 2022-05-22 at 13.47.31.png

I should be more specific: I want my menu bar to be displayed on anything I do on my Mac. I wouldn't mind if there was an exception for Microsoft RD in full screen as I don't really need it there. As of now, I would have to change my mac setting every time I use Microsoft RD though, which is not really convenient.

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Hi @Jurg_Laderach , 


I see, unfortunately this can't be done per application :( Once you disable the feature, it applied on all apps. :( 

In this case it would be great if Microsoft RD behaved differently when the menu bar is not hidden in full screen.