Bug in Remote Desktop for Mac OS

Bug in Remote Desktop for Mac OS



 Mar 04 2022

(First: WHY AM I HERE??? The button I clicked said "Feedback", which is as close as I could find to "Report a bug." So, I guess I am Submitting An Idea: FIX THIS RECENTLY INTRODUCED BUG.)


I am using RDP client for Mac OS and since the most recent update I have been having a problem. I try to connect to a Windows 10 Pro PC (and others, I believe) and nothing happens. At first, the only workaround I could find was to quit RDP and restart it, then the connection could be opened.


Recently I discovered that I do not need to exit and restart if I right-click on the connection and pick "Disconnect". THIS IS NEW MIS-BEHAVIOR. It seems that when I disconnect from a remote machine RDP does not always notice.