Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) drag and drop files

Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) drag and drop files



 Mar 07 2022
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In some situations, it is handy to drag and drop files from a local endpoint to for example AVD remote app. For example when using Outlook on the local endpoint and wanting to archive attachments in the ERP application (legacy app) hosted in a remote app.  Copy and paste works but is not user-friendly in this situation.

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yes !

drag and drop in AVD !

Cmon Microsoft !

you can do it !

Works with parallels and citrix, you can't stay behind !


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We have a lot of legacy application in different industrial sectors like "Lawyer industry", "Construction industry" or "healtcare industry" which uses the "Drag&Drop funcionality. In our cases copy and paste does not work and only drag&drop would help us, to let us migrate the application or desktop to AVD.

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Please Microsoft, if you are going to challenge Citrix and other vendors with AVD, provide at least the same amount and ease of functionality if not more!

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Just switched from Citrix VDI to AVD and was surprised this wasn't supported. In a VDI session, I can go to a webpage that accepts drag-and-drop to upload files (like github) and the simply drag-and-drop the files from my local machine. With AVD, I have to copy-and-paste the files temporarily to my AVD session and then drag-and-drop those files to the webpage.

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Not to have is a pain in the......

Without this feature, hybrid environments with app streaming are not possible. No user understands this. Unbelievable that Microsoft can't solve this issue...

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This would solve so many situations where we want to use an AVD for a application.


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We have been requesting this information for quite a few years now.

Could someone provide a response at Microsoft?

Is it on the agenda, and if so, when can we expect it?


If there are other priorities, please let us know."