Announcing the General Availability of Private Link for Azure Virtual Desktop
Published Jul 14 2023 04:46 AM 11.6K Views

We are excited to announce that Private Link for Azure Virtual Desktop is now generally available! With this feature, users can securely access their session hosts and workspaces using a private endpoint within their virtual network. Private Link enhances the security of your data by ensuring it stays within a trusted and secure private network environment.


What is Private Link for Azure Virtual Desktop?

Private Link for Azure Virtual Desktop allows users to establish secure connections to remote resources by using private endpoints. With Private Link, the traffic between your virtual network and the Azure Virtual Desktop service is routed through the highly secure Microsoft "backbone" network. This eliminates the need to expose your service to the public internet, thereby enhancing the overall security of your infrastructure. By keeping the traffic within this protected network, Private Link adds an extra layer of security for your Azure Virtual Desktop environment.




Getting started

Excited to get started with Private Link for Azure Virtual Desktop? Learn more about this feature and its benefits by visiting here. Get started on setting up Private Link in your environment today by visiting here and enjoy the enhanced security and peace of mind that Private Link brings to your Azure Virtual Desktop experience.




Update: As of July 28, 2023, Private Link for Azure Virtual Desktop is generally available in Azure Government.

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