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Did you use RateCard API to get information about the cost of Managed Disks?

I found some problems with find differences between LRS and ZRS.



 {'EffectiveDate': '2021-02-01T00:00:00Z', 'IncludedQuantity': 0.0, 'MeterCategory': 'Storage', 'MeterId': '32d2a836-3069-5c59-aa89-5fd8703e5b4d', 'MeterName': 'P70 Disks', 'MeterRates': {'0': 2279.532663}, 'MeterRegion': 'EU North', 'MeterStatus': 'Active', 'MeterSubCategory': 'Premium SSD Managed Disks', 'MeterTags': [], 'Unit': '1/Month'}
 {'EffectiveDate': '2019-05-01T00:00:00Z', 'IncludedQuantity': 0.0, 'MeterCategory': 'Storage', 'MeterId': 'ae33b259-d35e-422e-8b76-a3c8435fb894', 'MeterName': 'P70 Disks', 'MeterRates': {'0': 1519.677198}, 'MeterRegion': 'EU North', 'MeterStatus': 'Active', 'MeterSubCategory': 'Premium SSD Managed Disks', 'MeterTags': [], 'Unit': '1/Month'}



Two meters are similar, the only differences are Id, Date and price.

The API returns good prices but does not describe the type.





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