Azure PowerShell Ignite release
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The Azure PowerShell team is excited to announce several new features in Az 6.6. Our new major version will be released on December 7, more on this below.


New features for stable modules


Continuing the effort started in the summer, the Az.AKS module (Azure Kubernetes Service) now supports changing the number of nodes of a node pool and the following properties are now supported when creating a cluster: 'NetworkPolicy', 'PodCidr', 'ServiceCidr', 'DnsServiceIP', 'DockerBridgeCidr', 'NodePoolLabel', 'AksCustomHeader'.

The service documentation will be updated soon to reflect those new capabilities of the Az.AKS module.


This release also comprises the following updates to stable modules due to service changes:


Preview modules updates


We have also updated the following preview modules. Consult the release notes for further details related to the changes:

You can install all modules including stable and preview versions using the following command:

Install-Module -Name Az.Resources -Repository PSGallery -Scope CurrentUser -AllowPrerelease


Az.Tools.Predictor preview 5


This release is also bringing several improvements for our module providing contextual suggestions and intelligent auto-completion of commands.

We fixed issues in the parsing of the command line leading to more accurate recommendations. For example, when typing a command, the “-“ character at the end of the command was not interpreted. “Get-AzResourceGroup -“ would be considered as “Get-AzResourceGroup”, with this change when the “-“ character is typed, we understand it as an intent to pass parameters.


Consider trying a new experience in the command line with Az.Tools.Predictor.

Installation instructions are available in this post:


Preview support for Microsoft Graph


With Az 6.6 we are also releasing a preview of our support for Microsoft Graph and we are inviting everyone to test out this preview.

Our current plan is to release the version of Azure PowerShell supporting Microsoft Graph with our next major release on December 7. Despite our careful and extensive testing, we may be missing some scenarios and to ensure a high-quality release, we are asking for your help.


Our ask to you is to try the preview and report issues on GitHub as soon as you can. You can also engage in a discussion with the development team with GitHub discussions.


Getting started

Install preview module

Install-Module -Name Az.Resources -Repository PSGallery -Scope CurrentUser -AllowPrerelease


Current limitations


- This version supports only Azure Public cloud, for further details consult issue #16315
- ‘-OrderBy’ parameter is not supported, for further details, consult issue #16316
- ‘-ImmutableId’ parameter is not supported by New-AzAdUser, for further details consult issue #16317


Breaking changes


In our previous post, we shared our plans regarding the migration to MS Graph. The changes in the format of the response of Microsoft Graph from Azure AD Graph makes some breaking changes inevitable and may impact existing scripts.

Refer to the breaking changes identified with our current preview grouped by resource type.

Open a GitHub issue or a discussion to let us know about any challenges that you may face with those breaking changes.


on behalf of the Azure PowerShell team



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