Trigger ADF from REST API with parameters

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I need to call from website (or Azure function) a data factory pipeline using a POST REST API ( likely Pipelines - Create Run - REST API (Azure Data Factory) | Microsoft Learn) . The post simply sends a list of parameters to ADF and ADF simply reads this list and writes them to a storage account file.

Ex : the REST API POST/sends parameters 1, 2, 3 to ADF and this appends new row to the file like so:

Parameter 1, parameter 2, parameter 3

I was not able so far to find if I should use copy data or mapping data flow? . My issue is how to create the source dataset which contains as column1= parameter1, column2=parameter2, etc. then sync is the file.

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Have you solved this problem yet?
That is the correct enpoint. Once you hit the endpoint, you will be able to see your pipeline running in the monitoring tab on you ADF workspace, given the parameters on the body of the request. The endpoint returns the runID. Best regards