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I receive an error when i try to create my third azure synapse workspace. The error message reads:

Reached the maximum number of Synapse workspaces allowed for this subscription. Please contact Microsoft support to request an exception. Subscription: xxxxx-xxxxx-xxxx. Subscription offer type: PayAsYouGo_2014-09-01. Current maximum: 2. (Code: ReachedPerSubscriptionWorkspaceLimit)
I don't see the limit anywhere in the "Usage + Quota" section. When I open a new support request, it tells me my quota is already at 20. 

Anyone knows whats going on here?
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There is a quota per suscriptions of just two synapse workspace. You can review the docs

@JonasThanks for your reply!

According to this doc the limit is 20

Quote: When determining the number of workspaces and database boundaries, keep in mind that there's a limit of 20 workspaces per subscription.

Can you tell me where the 2 workspace limit is documented?

Thank you!

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@JonasThat makes sense, thanks for clarifying!

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