Spark Cluster configurations and billing on Data Factory/Synapse

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I'm a little confused. I'm budgeting a solution that uses Azure Data Factory and Synapse, so I use the Azure Price Calculator. These are my questions:

¿The cluster used in debug session is different from the specified in the integration runtime? I ask this because I see two configuration clusters, that is:

dataflow activity.pngir-setup.PNG

I get confused with these two configurations.


¿How is it billed?

When using Azure Calculator, I just got this:




The first time I said: "Ok, here I can price the spark cluster". but when I consult here, Azure Calculator expresess in terms of vCores and the docs say "nodes"


¿would you help on this, to understand the diferent cluster configuractions (debug, session) and how to locate them in the Azure Calculator?


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