Reading from dedicated SQL pool from different workspace

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I'm hoping I'm overthinking this, however it's stumped me.


We have 3 synapse workspaces (dev/test/prod), utilizing pipelines and dedicated SQL pool.  We have been successfully connecting the pipelines and DB within the workspace environment successfully.


We have recently had a need to set up a process where a pipeline in our Test environment needs to connect to the dedicated SQL pool in our Dev environment to pull data over.


Additional info, we have a firewall on our workspaces that only allow connectivity from our VPN IP, we have a self hosted integrated runtime running on premise which would be utilizing that VPN IP.


We are also using Managed Networks and endpoints.


I have an endpoint created from the Test workspace to the Dev SQL Pool

I am using our self hosted integration runtime to do the communication testing

I have granted the Test Managed Identity pretty much full permissions to the Dev workspace and the SQL Dedicated pool.


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