PII Data Actionables

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Hello All,


I have Azure Synapse Analytics used to ingest PetaBytes of data from various sources, I would like to have an alert if we observe PII information (eg: SSN, Phone, DOB etc). 


Please let me know your thought on, how can I implement these PII checks.




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Mostly SSN, Phone, and DOB are attributes in the first row. You can incorporate a file metadata handler to check for these attributes, and alert. You can use components like Azure Function and Logic App and connect to MS Team to send alerts and emails.
Hope this works.
@azdelta2022 - Thanks for your response, do you have a document / URL to handle this data from Azure Synapse using Logic Apps / Azure function. This will be very useful
sure, I can create one for you. What are the formats of your sources like csv / XML ???
The source formats are CSV, XML and SQL Storages.


here is a HLD. more business logic and monitoring needs to be added to the solution.




Thanks @azdelta2022 for the HLD, will test it out and update you my findings


How can we mask or change Historical PII in data lake?

@Pini_krisher: Have you tried Dynamic Data Masking in your Synapse (Dynamic Data masking will be separate for every pool).