Newbe, exporting full result from Azure Synapse Notebook cell

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I have had success querying data from Customer Insights in Azure Synapse. I have a notebook attached to a sparkpool with language Spark Sql.

Now I have come to a point where I want to get the full result of the query in a cell exported as a csv either in a blob or ftp (or anything).


Seems that the result "preview" in the cells is a "TOP 1000". Which will be too few rows.



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Solved it by using PySpark


Added a linked Azure Blob Storage and used this with pandas



import pandas
df = spark.sql("SELECT string(birthdate) FROM CIDataBase.Customer")
data = df.toPandas()
data.to_csv('abfss://synapseexport/test.csv', storage_options = {'linked_service' :    'AzureDataLakeStorage1Output'})