Linked Service to CosmosDB using Keyvault not showing as Linked Service

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I am brand new to Azure Synapse Analytics, and trying to create a linkedService to my CosmosDB (SQL API). 


If I go through the steps of using the connection string -> From Azure subscription after I click commit, and refresh the page, I can see Azure Cosmos DB showing in Data tab, under linked. (SubscriptionConnect.png)


However, when I attempt to create a linked service using KeyVault linked service, when testing the connection it is successful (linkedservicekeyvault.png) but it doesn't show up on the Data tab, under linked.


I have connected my Azure Synapses to Azure DevOps, and I can clearly see that my Linked services have been entered to Synapse. (reposlinkedconnections.png)


Is this an issue with Azure Synapse and CosmosDB using KeyVault? If it is a bug, is this the right forum to get it fixed?

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