Is there way to exclude/include artifacts while moving code using Devops CI/CD

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We have recently started using Devops CI/CD approach for code migration.

We have multiple users working simultaneously and moving the code from Dev to UAT and to Production. 

When we publish the code in master branch, CI/CD release pipeline deploys all the code from Dev To UAT and to Production. Is there way to TAG the code which can be used to say  "it  is ready for UAT or Production". 


 Our expectation is when we move the code to Production it should be fully tested and exclude the code  which is not ready for production. 


For example, 2 users moved the code from Dev to UAT. User1 already completed the testing and the User2 still  working on it fix some issues. 


And now we want to move only the code which is fully tested.  

Please share your suggestions/ approach. 








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