I am unable to connect SQL serverless Built-in pool with SQL Server Management Studio?

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I have my CSV file in the Azure data lake gen 2. I created an external table for this CSV file in SQL Serverless Pool and I am able to read the table in the Azure Synapse notebook. However, getting the below error when I tried to connect this external table with SQL server management studio.




I am unable to read the table. Can anyone advise what is the issue here? I have a csv file located in the data lake gen 2


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Hi, @JasonB35,


The error that is shown on linked thread is usually related to file permissions. Make sure that you have permissions on storage account and file itself. Query fails because file cannot be opened.

Bonus things to check:

  1. Can you run queries on top of the external table from Synapse studio?
  2. If you can, and can’t run queries from SSMS, are you logging in as the same AAD user which you're using from Synapse studio?
  3. Can you double check their connection string to make sure you're logging in to proper serverless SQL pool from SSMS?
  4. Visit control storage account access for serverless SQL pool to learn more about this topic.