How to get started with a development environment using SSDT with SQL Data Warehouse

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It’s recommended to begin employing DevOps practices in your organization as soon as possible when building your analytics solution with SQL Data Warehouse. For SQL Data Warehouse developers who are just getting started with database DevOps, this blog shows how to simply import and onboard an existing SQL data warehouse to a local source control repository using SQL Server Data Tools (SSDT). You will then create a new development environment for this data warehouse.


  1. Install Visual Studio 2019
  2. Connect to your data warehouse and right click on the object explorer to create a new projectclipboard_image_0.png
  3. Create and add the new project to local source control repositoryclipboard_image_1.png
  4. You should now see your database project in the solution explorerclipboard_image_2.png
  5. Ensure your project can build successfully. If you have any references to DMVs that are causing build errors, add a database reference to master.clipboard_image_3.pngclipboard_image_4.png
  6. Now create your development environment by right-clicking on your project and publishing to a server.clipboard_image_1.png


You have now placed your data warehouse model in source control and created a new development environment with SQL Data Warehouse. Learn more about SQL Data Warehouse DevOps by going through the following tutorials: 

Regular Visitor

How do I install SSDT to VS19?  The latest I see is how to install SSDT for VS17!


Hi Kevin, which link are you referring to? Can you send it and we'll get it updated. Here is the link to install VS2019 for Azure Synapase Analytics:

Senior Member

Hi Kevin,


I am using DACPAC file to create my project and after making change to object I want to commit only the changes to my GIT repo ( example only alter statement or changes i did) but when I am committing my code I can see only the create statement on the git repo ( the sate based changes) .

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