Challenge: Modern sql datawarehouse(replace to sql server data warehouse)

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Dear all,


    I am new to Azure synapse analytics I mean know a little bit.

We have D365 CE data exported to ADLS gen2. When I open Synapse studio, I can Built-in serverless sql pool. 


We currently have traditional datawarehouse(SQL server). ETL pushes data from various sources(Operational, csv, excel, third party apps) to sql server.

How can I move to azure synapse analytics workspace to save costs and performance.

Serverless pool is cheaper but it doesn't hold data physically in a table. It is a reference to csv file(Common Data Model/normal third party csv files). I have seen performance is not good when querying a table with 800k rows.


I am googling to find how Azure Synapse analytics workspace replaces traditional dw. I am getting confused with the results.


Basically, I need to include all the data sources in serverless pool what I used to get into my SSMS(as mentioned above).


And also, I need to apply business logic(Stored procedures or views) before feeding to reporting platform. Target views will be a mixture of more than 1 sources of data in SSMS.


I am very confused, How a serverless pool is best for me? 


Any reply is highly appreciable. 

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