🚀 Announcing the Azure Synapse Influencer program!

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We're excited to announce the launch of our new Azure Synapse Influencer program! Get connected with a global community of data professionals who are passionate about helping each other achieve more with cloud analytics.


Azure Synapse Influencers range in expertise and engagement level, but they all share one common goal—to help others get connected and expand their knowledge of Azure Synapse. The Azure Synapse Influencer program recognizes Azure Synapse Analytics community members who actively support others by sharing Synapse-related content, announcements, and product news via social media.


Azure Synapse Influencers and advocates of all levels are welcome to join the Azure Synapse Influencer Program. Become an Azure Synapse Influencer today: http://aka.ms/synapseinfluencers


Read our recent blog for more information on the program and check out Ryan's new video on the Azure Synapse YouTube channel

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